10 Advantages of renting a car

17/05/2019 10 Advantages of renting a car

Advantages of renting a car

The advantages of traveling in a rented car are obvious.  Mainly, the freedom to change itineraries to pleasure;  manage the times without depending on planes, trains or buses schedules, as well as to take better advantage of the hours usually spent in airports, stations and terminals.  If you are more than two passengers, it can even mean significant financial savings.  And the possibility of discovering, from picturesque villages and stealthy trails, to hidden landscapes and regional shops is invaluable.  But it is advisable to take the necessary precautions and be attentive to avoid becoming the trip into a nightmare.

1 Minors, refrain
 “To be able to drive a rental car in our company (MPC rent a car) it is necessary to be over 25 years old and have driven license with a minimum of two years old. 

2 International license
  It is enough to show the National Driving License issued by the country of origin to be able to drive a rented car in Argentina.  However, it is always better to count on a prevention issue when renting a car with the International and Inter-American Driving License.  The procedure to get it is simple and can be done at the “Automovil Club Argentino”;  It is valid for one year or until on the expiration of the national license, if less.

3 Passengers and luggage
 It is essential to take into account the number of people who will travel at the time of renting a car and the amount of luggage you will have, before choosing the right vehicle category.  Since the most convenient rental vehicle, it will also depend on the destination to which you are traveling.

 4 Times
 One of the advantages of renting a car is to have time at every moment.  For this reason, when faced with the question of how many days to hire, we recommend securing an extra day to what is strictly necessary -even when it will only be used for a few hours- since the price for one more day does not change the total cost too much and can be very  beneficial.  There is no minimum or maximum number of days to rent a vehicle.  But there are usually promotions for weekly rentals.

5 Where yes and where not
 The convenience of renting or not a car also depends on the places you want to visit, for example, if you think renting a car and being within Salta city does not make much sense, since the city is small and can be known walking. On the other hand, if you plan to go out and explore the northern landscapes, in this case renting a car is the ideal option.

6 Security
 The insurance offered by MPC rent a car, is the basic insurance, which are included in the rental rate: “compulsory insurance of the vehicle and complementary civil liability for damages against third parties.” We also offer additional coverages such as insurance  of crystals and wheels.

7 Accessories that we offer when renting the vehicle.
 If you are traveling with a baby or a small child it is mandatory to be sit in a special car seat

 GPS is not required, but it is highly recommended when you do not know the destination.

8 Fuel and mileage
 The rental cars are delivered with full tank and are expected to be returned  in the same conditions.  In any case, there is the possibility of paying for the missing fuel in the company.  Sometimes, there is a price difference with the one that is charged at the service station, but according to the specialists the saving is minimal, so it is not worth getting involved with the subject.

9 Car rental agreement
 The contract must include all the conditions mentioned in terms of insurance, mileage, fuel and everything that has been agreed.  Even all the drivers available.  And you have to know that what is hired is a car category, but not necessarily a model and a brand, aspects that are determined once in place.  Another question to check is the state of the car when it is received and if it is broken or scratched.

10 Return
 It is recommended to look up and return the rented car at the airport to avoid transport costs in the city center.  Another advantage of delivering it at the airport is that there the returning schedule is not limited to business hours.

 Returning the rental vehicle in a different city to the one that was delivered has an additional cost “DROPOFF” that varies a lot depending on the destination.

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