Corporate Rental

2020/09/07 Corporate Rental

Vehicle rental service to companies

What is renting?

A rental contract is signed for the time that the client determines (from one to twelve months) for which a monthly fee will be established that will include all the management of the asset. Depending on the vehicle chosen or the kilometers traveled this quota may vary.

Because we?

We offer you a solution tailored to you, offering you vehicles of different ranges and benefits. We know what your needs are and we adapt to them, to share your projects.

We participate in major engineering, mining, and oil projects throughout our 30 years of experience in the field.

Our fleet of units is specially designed for campaigns with adverse climates which make them ideal for the mining and oil industry. The rental vans are constantly renewed to provide vehicles in optimal conditions with the support of official services. They have mechanical assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Our service stands out for being one of the most chosen by companies and SMEs that see their mobility resolved when renting vehicles instead of acquiring them, separating themselves from maintenance responsibilities and additional costs of patenting, insurance, etc.

Why rent?

By renting you save the cost of acquisition, depreciation, management, renovation, and you do not have to worry about the fixed expenses and maintenance involved in your own vehicle.

Renting does not require making large investments, but it is a monthly expense so the company can take VAT and deduct it from profits.

Extensive tax advantages (deducts expenses, profits, VAT, etc.).
There is no depreciation of the fleet.
It does not immobilize working capital.
Reduction of operating costs.
100% reduction in maintenance costs.
100% reduction in time dedicated to fleet maintenance.
Mobility assured (if it breaks it is replaced, if it crashes you can change it)
Optimization of employee time (mobility).


Difference with Leasing

In Leasing you rent the vehicle in exchange for a fixed or variable monthly installment during the life of the vehicle, not including the expenses that the car originates (insurance, taxes, mechanical checks and breakdown repairs are borne by the user).

While in Renting, MPC Rent a car offers the user the car for a fixed fee for a set period of time, including all expenses incurred, except for the fuel and / or damage caused by driver or third party defects. In addition, while with Leasing it covers the entire useful life of the car, with Renting the rental period is variable, depending on the customer's need. The contract does not have a recession policy, therefore the tenant decides in advance of 30 days to terminate the commercial relationship without prejudice.

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