Green North

2019/10/03 Green North

Green North


The Green North is covered by a subtropical jungle known as Las Yungas, where the Baritú National Park is located, which stores one of the most virgin biomes in the country.

This park has an area of ​​72,439 hectares. Highlights of its fauna are large mammals such as the yaguareté, an endangered species.

The mountainous area is covered with vegetation and has large and mighty rivers suitable for fishing for gilded, surubí and catfish. The people who maintain and cultivate their ancestral customs, make fishing and artisanal production their main means of subsistence. It is also the area of ​​oil and gas farms - because this dense soil hides an area rich in energy resources that feeds a large part of the country and is exported - and Las Yungas - a biome that is widely protected in northern Argentina, which next to the jujunas yungas what is called the Yungas Biosphere Reserve, declared by UNESCO

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