2020/09/07 Renting

Renting is a set of economic, financial and operational solutions that solve corporate mobility by optimizing costs, processes and resources, maximizing fleet efficiency and functionality.

It is the ideal product for companies that prefer an outsourcing solution for all the procedures associated with their vehicle fleet, avoiding capital immobilization and the risk of the residual value of the vehicles.

Thanks to several strategic points throughout the National territory, we can serve your vehicle throughout the region.

MPC Rent a car vehicles are owned by MPC, they are acquired at the request of each client considering brand, model, version and color, in balance with the recommendations made in the initial assesment and the vehicle policy of each company.

A monthly fee is paid, which includes, in addition to the use of the unit, preventive maintenance, 24-hour support, 365 days a year, insurance and patent.

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