Renting a car: 10 key points to keep in mind

2019/08/21 Renting a car: 10 key points to keep in mind

Renting a car: 10 key points to keep in mind

If you go on vacation and rent a car, you must take into account a series of things to avoid unpleasant surprises. What does the insurance cover? Who can drive the car? What if we put the car on a road? We give you the keys so you wont get shocked.
Your vacation has arrived, you take the plane, the train or the boat and you arrive at your destination. There you set out to rent a car to move freely around your destination. Is it your case?

Something as usual as renting a car can be full of traps, some traps might be displeasure if necessary, mainly due to the lack of knowledge when using such a service. We give you the 10 keys to keep in mind so you do not have any problems during your holidays.

1 – Who covers the contracted policies?
As a general rule, the insurance of rental vehicles by default only covers the policyholder as a driver. This means that if an accident happens and a different person drives and not has not been expressly stated in the policy -which, obviously, increases the cost of it-, the insurance does not cover even  third parties damages, and these may have an astronomical cost.

2 – Insurance against theft, essential
Being insured against the possible theft of the car is essential in rental vehicles, since, otherwise, the lessee will have to face the market value of the stolen car, in addition to other administrative expenses and compensation to the rental company of vehicles in concept of lost profits. Also, as a general rule, must keep in mind that no policy offered by a vehicle rental company covers personal belongings that could have been left inside the vehicle in case of theft.

3 – Is the car insured on roads and trails?
The use of the vehicle in certain locations, such as beaches, forest tracks or local roads is not covered by the insurance offered by the car rental companies, even in the most complete policies. In general, any road that is not asphalted, or asphalted but with serious deficiencies that may cause damage to the underside of the vehicle, is out of insurance coverage. In the same way, roadside assistance would not be covered either, this could be supposed a particularly high cost in areas of difficult access.

4 – Franchise insurance: attention!
Most rental companies offer comprehensive insurance, but it is common for these policies to include franchising. This involves that, before any incident of damage to the vehicle in which it is not possible to identify a guilty third party, the user will have to pay the costs up to the amount set in the franchise of the policy, which varies according to the company .

5 – Check the vehicle status when picking up, essential
When picking up the vehicle, is essential to check it’s condition and make sure it is free of damages, bumps or scratches. Otherwise, it is possible that when the car is delivered, those damages will be attributed to the use it’s has been given to and the rental company will demand compensation from the driver. Therefore, it is necessary to reflect any possible malfunction in the contract, even being convenient to take pictures at the moment of removing the rental vehicle.

6 – Possible unexpected surcharges. Carefull!
In general, actions made by the car rental companies carry surcharges. For example, if the driver is fined, in addition to facing the penalty cost, it may be forced to pay a commission to the company for management. Similar premiums can also be applied for other concepts, such as exceeding the maximum mileage established in the rental agreement. On certain occasions, returning the car dirty can entail an “special cleaning” cost.

7 – Are all incidents covered?
Neither the best rental car insurance covers everything and in unlimited amount. As such, it is usual that policies do not cover problems related to tires, such as punctures or blowouts. In the same way, roadside assistance does not usually cover some of the most common incidents, such as related to the battery, the breakage or loss of keys and contamination by fuel – that is, when you make a mistake when refueling.

8 – What if you travel with children?
As much as it is a rental car, children should be seated in the car in their corresponding child restraint system. If of any grounds we do not have a system of these characteristics, or simply we decide not to take it, the companies of renting vehicles rent them. In case of not using these systems and be fined, remember that the company can also apply an extra cost in case of penalty, as we have said before.

9 – What if suffering a breakdown?
In case that our rental car is damaged, must immediately consult the contract we have signed, although the ideal is to have raised this assumption in the rental office to know how to react. Except in exceptional cases specifically authorized, it is normal for companies to prohibit customers from fixing faults by their own means.

10 – And at the time of delivering it…
To avoid additional charges, always return the car within the stipulated day, and always during the office opening hours. In the case of any discrepancy with the rental company, there will always be more options to fix it face to face than telephone via.

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