Frequent questions

What are the requirements to rent a vehicle with MPC Rent a Car?

-Current driving license in roman alphabet and / or International driving license
-ID card or passport
-Visa, MasterCard, American Express credit cards from any bank 
-Be over 25 years of age without exception

What methods of payment do you accept?

-Debit / credit card
-Bank deposits

How long will the reservation guarantee me if I am late in the established hour?

MPC Rent a Car guarantees the reservation for the period up to 1 (one) hour after the established hour to pick up the rented car, as long as the tolerance time is in the normal period of the agency operation.

If I cancel the reservation, do I have to pay any penalty?

For the reservation that is not canceled at least 96 (ninety six) working hours before the picking up established time, you will be charged a daily price of the vehicle booked, as a result of not complying with the agreed reservation.

Can I choose the vehicle among the available ones in the category I need?

The vehicle choices is not allowed, its only booked and respects the category with the corresponding benefits.

Can there be more than one driver? Do I have to pay any additional cost?

The rented car can be driven by yourself or other persons indicated, as long as they are expressed and authorized previously by MPC Rent a Car in the rental contract without an additional cost.
The additional driver must accomplish the same conditions as the owner of the vehicle.

Can I deliver / return the vehicle at Salta Airport?

Of course, this has an additional charge. Always inform your airline name and flight number. In case of flight delay, MPC Rent a Car can accompany your arrival, guaranteeing the reserved car until the arrival of your flight.

Is it possible to pick up the vehicle in one place and return it in another?

In case of returning cars in a different place from the one that was delivered, you will charged the corresponding drop off. The values vary, according to the city the vehicle was rented.

Does the renting includes fuel?

To your confort, MPC Rent a Car delivers the car with full tank and you return it in the same way.
In cases of refueling by MPC Rent a Car, the fuel will be charged based on an available table, whose reading of the scoreboard will be done in eighths without any claim.

Who is responsible for cleaning the vehicle?

The car is delivered clean and should be returned in the same way. If there is excessive dirt, beyond the normal and reasonable standards of conservation, MPC Rent a Car will charge an additional cleaning fee for the vehicle, according with the conditions set forth in the current rate.

If during the renting happens a car accident. Should I make a report? Is there an extra form to complete?

To guarantee the contracted protections, in case of any loss, it is essential to show the Police Report (if applicable) and report the involved parts to the insurance companies.

How should I proceed in a special situation such as robbery, theft or accident?

Robbery or theft
In case of loss during the rental period, immediately notify MPC Rent a Car and go to the nearest police station to register the report.

You must give the Police Report after what happened within a maximum of 48 hours and complete the loss report in MPC Rent a Car office.

In case of theft, the keys and documents of the car rented must be replaced. And in both situations (theft or robbery) will indicate the cashed of the Franchise established in the contract.

You can contribute with some attitudes much more to minimize the consequences of an accident.

Communicate the fact to MPC Rent a Car immediately, present the Police Report within a maximum period of 48 hours.

The replacement of the car rented will be made, without any charge in case of electromechanical default failure, derived from its normal use. MPC Rent a Car will not make the replacement of the car rented, in the office, in case of theft, robbery, fire and collision, misappropriation, apprehension by the competent authorities, loss, theft or robbery of the keys and documents or failure due to misuse of the car.

What happens if I commit any traffic infractions during the rental period?

To the accreditation purposes, in case of traffic violations, during the car rental, MPC Rent a Car will show a photocopy of the Driver’s License of the drivers authorized in the rental agreement.
If occurs a traffic violation during the rental period, the responsible name of person of the car rental contract will be presented to the responsible authority, for which MPC Rent a Car will directly pay the fine.
Subsequently, the fine will be charged to the client, with an increase between 10% and 20%, at administrative fees.
For your convenience, the fine payment will be made on the credit card, used in the payment of the renting, through signature on file, or by billing.

How does MPC Rent a Car proceed in case of loss of documentation or rented car keys?

Check if you are carrying the car’s documents and your personal documentation, whenever you leave with the vehicle. In case of loss or documents loss or the rented car key, the replacement of the same will be charged.
Be aware of the indications of our staff about the operation of alarms installed in our cars.

Is it allow to cross border with the rented vehicle?

It is not allowed to cross borders between countries with the rented car, unless with a previously authorized by MPC Rent a Car along with the corresponding documentation.

These and information below are part of the Rental Car Contract of MPC Rent a Car. When renting the car, carefully check the information includes on it.

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